Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old Test Scores

Old test scores of how my interests compare to others in different occupations

And a General Aptitude Testing Battery score (the whole test)- I had a hang over when I took the math tests. But the counselor didn't know that and said it'd be easier for her to give me the scores and the list with marks indicating which professions I wouldn't fit (professions that required math)

In hindsight, its interesting what I have done occupation wise in comparison. I seem to be missing out on what I scored highest on.

One source for taking SVIB and other self awareness assessments.

Tony's Pizza

I guess about twenty years ago I was working in the graphics department of a company named "Ideas" (same building where I work now).

I had won a football pool, not the big prize just $50. Rich, a sales person for the company, had a name for everyone that he made up and he'd even introduce his clients to us using those names.
Mine was Tony, after Tony in the movie "Goodfellows" go figure....

Anyway he kept bugging me to buy everyone Pizza with the fifty bucks. So we thought up this gag.

Inside we bought a small frozen pizza and I chopped a bite out of it. We double sticked taped the pizza inside center. Note, its a large pizza box.

When we gave it to him, one of his clients was watching (his clients knew he was nuts, but he was one of the best sales people non-the-less). When he opened it my boss snapped a shot, getting his clients reaction as well. Her mouth dropped to the floor. I don't have that picture,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three old poems, I wrote. mid to late 70's

I see you as a dove that’s been caged in hell for so long that you have forgotten what it is like to fly free in heaven.
And I, wanting to free you from your cage by more than opening your door, would like to take away your cage forever and more.
But to do this I must show you heaven, and to show you heaven I must first show you what it is made of:
It is made of love, but not a blind love, nor a foolish love, not even a mad love, but a love that is kind, generous, patient, understanding, unfailing, truthful, and free to anyone and anything willing to suffer for it.
For this love has no bars, no cages, nor walls, but the Wings of Freedom.
So to free you from your cage forever and more, I must love you, and I do, with the love that heaven is made of.

I’ve thought of a thousand stories. A hundred novels have passed in my mind, yet, my hand does not write and my mouth does not speak.
For who, but myself, will hear my speeches, poems, and tales of change?
Yet, as time goes on, I find myself crossing that stepping stone, that gateway, that bridge to the other side.
I will not rush, run, or hurry.
Time is my pace, my mind is my tool, and my heart is my way.
And by this, my novels will be written and my stories be told, as my dance you will behold.
From sunrise to sunset and through the night, I will see my very own sights, crossing that stepping stone, that gateway, that bridge to the other side.
As a poem shows, in part the action, yet lives as a whole this is my goal, the Musical side, my song.
With doors to walk through of a point of view, the important thing is not the other side, but the action of crossing, For this is the bridge to the other side, which is life.

You catch the eye of everyone that passes by, Yes, you’re feeling beautiful.
Your world is one of beauty.
Every moment, no matter where, you show that beauty that you know.
Feeling good in what you do, you’ll take life and make it glow, it shows, you’re feeling beautiful. You'll take the shining summer sunset and make it grow with colors untold.
You’ve painted time with an unspoken rainbow of gold, Feeling beautiful.
You're everlasting in your way and you like letting it show with the flowing strength of a mountain waterfall, you’re feeling beautiful.
For you it’s believing in a way that will always grow, as told by the endless bloom that beauty itself knows, being beautiful.

Note: Going through this old stuff of mine, I found a good bit more that I had forgotten I had.
Moving them into digital format will take some time seeings how my job is taking up more time.
The above three had been typed so OCR scanning made this quicker, though scan corrections were still needed.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few things...

Being the only cad person at work, my work load is increasing.

I've become quite dissatisfied with the apartment and management where I have lived for many years. Raccoons living in the attic and bug infestation this past year. Though I have a house in Florida and will be moving things I consider "storage" items there to lighten my load here, I don't know what to do about my five cats as I intend to move out of this apartment complex this year. No other apartment is going to allow that many cats, though renting a house might be an option, paying rent is getting old when I can probably buy for less.

But I don't know where existence is taking me.

Was looking for some old community musical theater cast pictures and instead found some poems I wrote many years ago and had forgotten. Reading them and reflecting on my past since after I had written them.... Hmmm..... interesting how what I wrote so long ago, to some degree has happened.

I think maybe I'll post some of them and there was a screen test I wrote that Ive been wanting to find and post. and now that I have found it...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

AutoCAD 2009, trial and error ware

Now that my part in the GA Aquarium Dolphin Exhibit/show is coming to a close.... arghhh, as in not like a show pirate, how I've learned AutoCAD 2009 does not like organics geometry. In fact it seems to have other problems as well. And the HP WX4400 system and windows xp... Oh what a Murphy inviting combination. And all this has lead me to call Autocad 2009, trial and error ware, where if it doesn't work one way, try it another... repeat until either the brain gets burned for the day or success is achieved.

Upgrading to AutoCAD 2009 after already starting the project was also additionally frustrating. Though sometimes I'd revert back to using AutoCAD 2005 as it was quicker and less problematic to use in doing certain things. And sometimes for fixing things Autocad 2009 would break,

On the positive side of things, the project itself, the depth and width of it was certainly one to extend my knowledge and experience quite beyond anything I had previously done in cad/cam.
I cannot overstate how much I have learned due this project.

Its been only five years since I began doing CAD/CAM and this set/show I believe qualifies me for an upgrade from cad/cam "rookie" to something more. I survived, but my co-worker, a seasoned Drafting/CAD/plus person, decided to retire about nine months earlier due this job. But in fairness it was really trying to keep focus on this job while being constantly detoured to do other shows.

And there was detours for me as well, only for John, he also delt with engineering mechanical/automation drawings and he mostly worked in 2D, making it even tougher when dealing with 3d organic shapes. Though he worked in vectorworks on a MAC.

A few days ago I did a drawing to send to the design firm as a base for some final design work. It'd been 1 year to the day had this happened just two weeks later, that I composed the initial drawing of this part of the set. So its been over a year since I became actively involved in this show set.

We became involved before they broke ground to build the building this set show is placed in.

We are doing a time lapse photography of the set installation. The public might even get to see this as part of the exhibit.

Having been immersed in the job it is only been recently that I've started to feel some of the awe of the reality of the set in seeing what I have worked on in CAD/CAM become physically real.

I do wonder if the general public that sees the show will have any idea of the of just how complex and difficult this set was to create. And I do hope the set goes in well,