Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ford Focus 2012 - show revel

Detroit Auto show 2012 Ford Focus revel

The deck contains a turn table, that is not turning in this video, though it could be as the car is rising and reveled. The car can also be driven off the turn table onto the stage, as the lift is a four point custom elevator.

Prior to the revel the turn table is up where those on stage can actually walk over the area where the car comes up. and as the show video on the screen and stage happens, the turn table is lowered, the car is driven on and positioned (turned). Queues set in motion ... etc..

To get an idea of the deck height and why a scissor lift would not work here: In a photo below of some set framing for the Georgia Aquarium, the deck for this auto show is seen in the background.
Its the picture with the Ford logo hanging on the wall (used in a prior years show).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whats to believe?

Whats to believe? has been moved to a new blog "Abstract Beliefs"

I simply have more to say on the matter and this blog "Abstractionized" was never intended for such talk.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cocoa Village Playhouse

Cocoa Village Playhouse history

Though it doesn't include the time period of when the Performing Arts Center made use of the theater, prior to B.C.C. and a few short term owners, this is the playhouse we used for many musical theater shows.

In looking to see where some involved then, have gone:

Mark W. Baker who was often hired in for lead roles, such as Miguel de Cervantes in "Man of Lamacha" for PAA/JLAs production. Set shown below.

Scott Sutherland who played the role of Milo in Sleuth pictured below.

Bryan Bergeron was the show director for PAC at that time. and has since been with JLA.

Matt Roush though not directly involved in the shows, he was often the reviewer of the shows for Today newspaper and was always appreciated for his honest and supportive reviews.

I should probably dig out some of the other cast pictures I have, to hunt down more names.