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Reverse Mortgage scam "Financial Freedom"

My mother had a reverse mortgage from Financial Freedom.
She died and I bought out my siblings share and payed off the reverse mortgage.
The bank "Riverside National Bank" provided me the loan to do this, however they overpaid the payoff amount.
Financial Freedom wrote a refund check for the overpayment amount but to "the estate of..." my mother.
There never was an account "the estate of..." as my sister (the executor of the estate) and mother set up a joint bank account for this eventual demise.
Financial Freedom provided enough info. for the bank to know exactly what the amount was, but they did not provide or request anything as to what to do with possible overpayment funds.

Since I had no prior dealings with FF and Riverside National is not associated to my mother in any way, the refund should have been made out to myself, and it was my address that FF sent the refund check to.

But I cannot cash it due to how it is written out and the amount is not large enough to go through the trouble getting my sister to set up an account just to cash it. The joint account was closed before I received the check. FF wrote the check out to an unverified account name.

FF first said they did it this way due HUD regulations but no one including HUD can tell me (document) what that regulation is.
FF then said its their policy, but I have asked for documentation on both HUD regulation and FF policy. But I'm not getting it.
FF persist with lying to me.

So I am paying interest to the bank Riverside National passed the loan off to, Bank of America, for an amount I do not get the benefit of.

This is really all very clear cut and FF has all the documentation they need to properly write the check out.

I consider this matter an act of intentional theft and interest abuse by Financial Freedom.

And if they have done this to me, how many others have they pulled this crap on?

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Stick Together - a screen test script. written around 1980

We Stick Together - By: Timothy Rue
Screen test. Character backgrounds and motives.

Year somewhere during 1920-1940, in Florida, Georgia or Alabama

Beth Dunn - a young girl of 16 years, lost her mother when her brother was born. Her father 6-8 months ago trying to put out a fire that burnt down their house. The authorities told them they had no living relatives and put them in an orphanage, but after a few months they ran away because Beth found out they had an uncle living in another state. Also a couple wanted to adopt only her brother.
    She feels very responsible and somewhat guilty about her brother, knowing she may have ruined the only chance for him to have any kind of parents or family life.
    After Beth found out about having and uncle, the people at the orphanage told her that her uncle did not want them. And even if he did want them, they could not send Beth and Johnny to him because he was a drunk. But Beth wanted what remained of her family, to be together. So to give Johnny some hope, she lied to him, telling him that their uncle has a lot of money and he wanted them to come live with him.
    Beth is confused, tired, hungry and dirty.

Johnny Dunn - a small boy who is very fond of his sister Beth, believes in her, sticks up for her, and comforts her. Johnny is also hungry and tired.

LaRoi Graymore - A young black man age 23, the adopted son of a very wealthy high class white man,  Mr. Daniel Graymore. Daniel adopted LaRoi because LaRoi’s real parents died trying to save Daniels’ wife during a fire. The fire happened when LaRoi was 5 years old. Daniel had no children of his own so he wanted LaRoi to have and be everything he was, educated, wealthy, respected, and a business tycoon. LaRoi is very grateful for all that Mr. Graymore has given LaRoi.
    Inside LaRoi is a very warm hearted person. Outside he seems to be cruel, bitter and very cold hearted because: 1) Daniel has taught him that in the business world you have to be tough and cold to make it. 2) LaRoi does not want to be a business tycoon nor does he want to hurt Daniel. He knows Daniel has been very lonely and bitter since he lost his wife. 3) LaRoi has a conflict within himself, to keep pleasing Daniel or to be himself.

We Stick Together (screen test script - by: Timothy Rue)

(Beth and Johnny are walking down a dirt road, Johnny is a few yards behind Beth, It is getting late in the afternoon)

Beth: Come on Johnny we don't have much farther to go. 

Johnny: can’t we rest for a little while, Beth?

Beth: Not if we want to get to town before dark. And we still have to find Uncle Phil (Slightly Angry) Now, hurry up Johnny 

(Johnny runs up to Beth and takes her hand and as they walk Beth slows down in a stop because she has become dizzy.)

Johnny: (Turning to Beth and looking up to her.) Beth, you alright?

Beth: Im just tired, maybe you were right Johnny. Lets’ rest for a while, but only for a little while, I don’t want you to sleep under a tree tonight when we are so close to finding Uncle Phil.

Johnny: (Pointing to a big shade tree on the side of the road) Look! There’s a tree we can rest under.

Beth: 0K!

(They walk up to the tree, Beth sits against the trunk while Johnny lies down on his side facing Beth. They both take a deep breath and exhale at the same time. They smile at each other)

Johnny: Beth, Why did the people at the orphanage.... 

Beth: (Laughing) That s orfanage, Johnny, not orpanige (Beth also pronounces it wrong)

Johnny: (Being serious) Well, why didn’t they tell us we had an uncle?

Beth: (Looking sad) They said that he (pause) Johnny do you remember the last couple that came to the orphanage? It was just before we left.

Johnny: I think so.

Beth: They wanted to take you and if they had we would have been split up.

Johnny: We stick together  (Short pause), (Beth smiles). But what about Uncle Phil?

Beth: (Starting to become angry.) Will you wait a minute  I am trying to tell you (short pause as Beth takes a deep breath) the people a the orphanage said he could not give us a good home like that couple could give you.

Johnny: Why? It uncle Phil has money he.... (Beth angry, Interrupts ) 

Beth: Stop asking so many questions (Pause) I guess because uncle Phil is a very busy man and besides, they said you need mother, now will you just forget it.

Johnny: I’m sorry I made you mad at me Beth, I just miss Pa.

Beth: Yeah! I know, I do to, I am sorry I got mad at you. (Beth looks at Johnny and holds out her hands) Come here. (Johnny rises and goes over to Both, they give each other a hug). I Love you. Johnny!

Johnny: I love me too.

(Beth lets go of Johnny, crosses her arms as she leans back against the tree. She gives Johnny a sad look while trying to hold back a smile.) 

Beth: Well, what about me?

Johnny: (smiling) Wel-l-l...

(Beth holding back the smile slowly changes her expression to a mean look while Johnny speaks)

Johnny: I....... I love you, Beth!

(Looking disappointed and hurt but still holding back that smile) 

Beth: It sure took you long enough.

(Johnny leans over and looks at Beth real serious) 

Johnny: BETH! 

(Beth bursts out laughing, grabs Johnny and starts tickling him) 

Johnny: Stop  Beth Stop! 

(Beth stops and by this time Johnny’s head is lying across her lap. Johnny takes a deep breath and exhales.) 

Johnny: Beth?

Beth: Yes.

Johnny: I don’t mind working, but do we have to beg and steal anymore?

Beth: (thinking) Well, maybe (Pause) if we can get some money when we get to town, (Pause) We can buy some new clothes and get washed up, (Pause), And we will want to get something to eat.

Johnny: (Sitting up) Do we have to? Won't Uncle Phil take care of that?

Beth: Do you want Uncle Phil to see us like this?

Johnny: Well....No!

Beth: It may take a while to find Uncle Phil and we may not find him til tomorrow, so we gotta have something to eat.

Johnny: Yea! I am kind of hungry.

Beth: me too, (Pause thinking), If we have enough money we can buy Uncle Phil a present. (Pause) If we do not find him tonight, then we can rent a room like we did in the last town.

Johnny: We will find him tonight, (Being very sure of himself),

Beth: If  Pa could see you now he would be real proud of you.

(LaRoi is walking up the dirt road, he is well dressed. He has a newspaper under his arm. He is about 60 feet away, LaRoi spots Beth and Johnny. LaRoi is mad because his car broke down 6 miles back.)

LaRoi: (startling Beth and Johnny) Hey you kids! What the hell are you two doing way out here?

Beth: (Being mad and nasty), What the hecks it look like mister? Rest’in! Anyway, what gives you the right to scare us like that? Just who the heck are you to be ask’in us questions? Besides, what are you doing out here? 

LaRoi:(Walking towards them. Angry) Not that it is any of your business but since you are rest’in on my father land, I am Mister LaRoi Graymore, Entrepreneur and I am on my way home. And what about you? (He walks closer)

Beth:(Rises. Mocking LaRoi) Not that it is any of your business, but since we are rest’in on your fathers land, I am Miss. Mary Beth Dunn and this is my brother Johnny. We are on our to town to live with our rich uncle.

(Johnny rises. goes to Beths’ side)

LaRoi: Well Miss Bethdunn, just who is this rich uncle of yours?

Johnny: Her name is not Bethdunn, Mr, Leroy Interpreteur, it Dunn, D-U-N-N

LaRoi: Nor is my name Leroy boy, it is LaRoi and I am an Entrepreneur, that is what I do.

Johnny: (looking up to Beth), Beth, what does that mean?

Beth: (Bends down to Johnny). It mean he tells someone, what someone else says in a different language.

LaRoi: That is not what it means silly girl. (Beth stands) 

Johnny: Don't call my sister silly, Mister Interpreteur.

Beth: Then what does it mean Mister LaRoi?

LaRoi: It means I am a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit! And that my little children, is from Webster’s.

Johnny: We’re not your little children Mr. Interpreteur, and we’re not from Webster’s.

LaRoi: Stop calling me Mister Interpreteur boy, and will you answer my question Miss Dunn.

Beth: And what question was that Mister Interpreteur?

LaRoi: (Angry) The name is Graymore and the question was -- Just who is your uncle, Miss Dunn? (LaRoi frightens Beth and Johnny, But Beth holds her place)

Beth: If you must know he is Mister Phillip J. Manford, but I don't think you’d know him.

LaRoi: And why not? The name does sound familiar.

(Beth becomes more interested in finding her uncle than being nasty to LaRoi)

Johnny: Mister, if you know where our uncle is, you had better tell us!

LaRoi: And what will you do, if I don’t?

Johnny: Your gonna . (Beth interrupts)

Beth: (to Johnny) Be quiet. (to LaRoi) Mister Graymore I am sorry we angered you. It is just that Johnny and I have been on the road for such a long time, please help us.

LaRoi: What’s in it for me? You do not look as if you can pay me anything.

Beth: (Beth looks sad, then changes to a brighten face) Well, I suppose not, but Uncle Phil will pay you if you help us find him tonight.

LaRoi: Miss Dunn, you surely can not expect to make it to town tonight if you plan on walking. Now if you had a car you could make it.

Beth: (serious, questioning look) What are you trying to say?

LaRoi: If you can fix my car Miss Dunn, I will personally drive you to town.

Beth: But you do not have a car!

LaRoi: I most certainly do!

Beth: Well, where is it?

Johnny: Yeah Mister, where is it?

LaRoi: (Pointing in the direction from which he came) The car is down the road about 6 miles.

Beth: (With a look of hope on her face) Well, I don’t know anything about cars but I can try to it.

LaRoi: If you do not know anything about cars, Miss Dunn, then I would not want you to touch it. I should know better than to be asking a girl if she can fix a car anyway.

Beth: (Acting smart), In that event you have a long walk ahead of you Mister Graymore. There ain’t a house for 25 miles back that way, (Pointing in the direction from which she and Johnny came)

LaRoi: Actually, Miss, my house is a short distance from here! 

Beth: I haven’t seen any house, Where do you live? In the woods?

LaRoi: As a matter of fact, I do live in the woods, Miss Dunn, in a very large house in the woods, You can not see it from the road, the trees hide it.

Beth: Please Mr. Graymore tell us where we can find our uncle.

LaRoi: I did not say that I know him or that I know where to find him, I just said the name sounds familiar.

Johnny: How far is town mister?

LaRoi: About 20 miles. (pause) Well, I must be going. I can not waste anymore of my valuable time talking to the both of you. Good Day, and have a nice walk Miss Dunn. (LaRoi walks off)

Johnny: (Turns to Beth) I'm hungry.

Beth:(kneels down). I know Johnny, Say, I've got an idea. (Beth rises, Turns towards LaRoi), hey Mister! Mr. Graymore, (LaRoi keeps walking) will you stop for a minute?

LaRoi: (he stops, turns around) What do you want?

Beth: If it is so far into town and it IS getting late, We do need a place to stay and we are both hungry.

Johnny: Please Mister Graymore (Beth and Johnny start walking towards LaRoi)

LaRoi: After the manner in which you have treated me, do you expect me to give you a place to stay and to feed you?

Beth: (she stop walking) Mr. Graymore, I do not expect you to do anything for us, I am asking because Johnny is such a small boy and he is hungry. Please mister Graymore, please give him something to eat,

Johnny: Please Mister, I am sorry that I was mean to you. Beth’s hungry too.

LaRoi: (LaRoi walks toward them) If I give you a place to stay and food for your belly, you will have to earn it, So tell me what you can do to earn it?

Beth: Well, before my father died I would wash and iron the clothes, and I can also sew what needs to be mended. I can cook, Pa said that was as good a cook as my mother.

Johnny: (Pointing to Beth) She's a real good cook.

LaRoi: Where is your mother?

Beth: She died when Johnny was born.

LaRoi: You boy, what can you do?

Johnny: I can help Beth wash dishes and - can shin shoes and dust.

LaRoi: That is all very well, but Mrs. Ellis takes care of that!

Johnny: Who is Mrs. Ellis?

LaRoi: Mrs. Ellis is my fathers maid.

Beth: We can help her with her chores.

LaRoi: Mrs. Ellis is paid substantially for doing a fine job, and she doesn't like anyone to help her.

Beth: I know how to care for horses, I really like that job. I can chop firewood too.

Johnny: And I can help Beth.

LaRoi: Miss Dunn we do not have any horses and my father, whenever he gets into a thinking mood he chops wood so we already have more firewood than we need.

Beth: Tell us Mr, Graymore, what can we do to earn a place to sleep?

LaRoi: Let me think for a minute. (pause and thinking out loud) well you can.... no, that is not any good. Well, I suppose that there is nothing you can do that has not already been done.

Beth: If there is nothing we can do, will you still help us?

LaRoi: Miss Dunn it is not good business to do something for nothing.

Beth: When we find Uncle Phil, he will pay you.

LaRoi: And what guarantee do I have that you will pay me. How can I be sure that I ever see you again. I don't know if your uncle has any money at all.

Beth: Can’t you treat us as guests for now? We Will Pay You Mr. Graymore.

LaRoi: My father has not liked guests at the house since his wife died. And certainly not your type.

Beth: Why did you say his wife and not your mother?

LaRoi: Because I was adopted, (a bit angry) that is none of your business.

Beth: If you will not give us a place to sleep or some food, then will you loan us some money, Please.

Johnny: Please Mister, we will pay you back.

(LaRoi takes out his wallet, fingers through his money in sight of all)

Johnny: (Amazed) WOW! Look at all that money.

(Beth is amazed also)

LaRoi: Sorry but I can not afford it, (Closes wallet and pockets it)

Beth: Surely with all that money, you can loan us a few dollars, I promise to pay you back.

LaRoi: And how do you think I am able to keep so much money? By giving it to strangers?

(Johnny tries to lift the wallet from the pocket. LaRoi grabs him by the ear) 

Johnny: Ouch, Let go of me mister.

LaRoi: Give me back my wallet! Or I will rip your ear off! 

Beth: (Beth starts to hit LaRoi) Let him go! Let him go!

(LaRoi drops his newspaper as he grabs Beths’ arm and shoves her to the ground, She cries, Johnny breaks loose, Drops the wallet and kicks LaRoi in the leg then goes to comfort Beth) 

Johnny:  You are going to get in a lot of trouble Mister, when uncle Phil finds out.

LaRoi: (he picks up his wallet, picks up his newspaper. Glances at a front page story) Just who did you say your uncle was?

Johnny: Mister Philip J. Manford and when he finds out -

LaRoi: A dead man can not hurt me!

Johnny: he's not dead.

LaRoi: He was hit by a car last night while jay-walking. He did not have even a dime.
Beth: (still crying and getting very upset) You lie!  

LaRoi: Then read it for yourself, right there on the front page. (he tosses the paper to Beth)

(Beth reads the paper but not thoroughly, and cries)

Johnny: (Johnny rises, Backs away from Beth). Beth, YOU LIED TO ME. You said uncle Phil was rich.

Beth: I tried to tell you but you wouldn't let me.

Johnny: But you said uncle Phil was rich.

Beth: I just wanted us to be together.

LaRoi: Your uncle was a bun, He Begged. He stole. Just as you two have tried.

Beth (Crying) Oh, Pa why did you have to die in that terrible fire.

(LaRoi remembers the fire and death of his parents, He begins to break down and sympathize with them and shouts upward) Damn-it, Daniel I do not want to be a business man, I want to be my-self. 

(LaRoi kneels down to Beth, she jerks away)

Beth: Please leave me alone. (still crying)

LaRoi: I too lost my parents in a Fire. They died trying to save Daniels wife. That is why he adopted me. But he put me into his shoes to be a business man. I can not be that anymore, I must be myself, (LaRoi puts his arm around Beth, she jerks away a little then realizes what LaRoi said)

Beth: Whats going to happen to Johnny and me?

LaRoi: You can live with us and if Daniel does not like it we will find another place to live. I do not think he will object when he finds out about your father. Daniel really is a nice and kind man, only he's not been the same since he lost his wife,

Beth: Johnny did you hear that?

Johnny: I don't want to. You lied to me.

LaRoi: Johnny your sister loves you. she had to lie to you. Do you not see that?

Beth: I am sorry I lied to you Johnny. Please... come here. (Beth holds out her arms to welcome Johnny. Slowly he goes to Beth and she gives him a big hug)

LaRoi: I bet that you two will bring a lot of life to that old house. If we really try, we might be able to bring Daniel back to his happy self.

Johnny: We stick together.

Beth and LaRoi: Yeah, we all stick together.