Friday, December 25, 2009

Job openings

Georgia Aquarium Dolphin Show job openings are now listed.
Show is to open Dec 2010.

This is the set a couple pictures below are a part of.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here's a rewrite of a song I wrote some time ago.
Stand Up

Actually its a bit more than just a rewrite.
I'm open to comments, suggestions, etc.
Audacity was used to create it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Second Home before a first.

Cleaning walls of a heavy smoker. Last section of room showing initial cleaner application.
Closet door oops. Door overlap but this shows the differentce of before and after cleaning.

Before and after pictures of flooring in one room. Carpet removed as part of effort rid the house of smoker smell. Old vinyl tile (CVT) removed and floor cleaned and patched, before new flooring installed.

hallway and dinning room/kitchen area new flooring. Old carpet show in living room, yet to be done. Thinking cherry.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Where I work.

infinite dimensions where we take the impossible to build designs and build them anyway.

This is framing of a set piece made of nine sections. it is itself one of five and still the five together are only a part of the set. The set itself fits on a stage of 5 feet deep. Set is approx. 80 feet wide and 45 feet high. The way it is shown is 90 degrees down from its final orientation and being built this way to allow using a plumb bob to attach the mounting brackets with correct orientation. My place in this is to draw it 3d in cad, produce construction drawing and figure out how to build it as well as write the CNC router programs to cut the jigging used in fabrication.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Touché that tophat

Two of my High School art class projects.

Set done at first trade show company I worked for.

An interesting set for Searle done at the first Trade Show company I ever worked for, Sugar Creek Studios. I just happened to get in that construction photo. It was really quite an elaborate set/booth and because the drug was not yet FDA approved (something that helped heal ulcers) they were promoting it in Brazil. It made head line news, as I understood it as it completely stole the show.

Early trade show work

Daytona Beach Fla. Spring Break.
We did other booths too, but this one has a story to it.

In doing shows for the Local Non-profit Cocoa Musical theater "Performing Arts Center" Brian the Director was always trying to get Bruce the Set designer to do things "paint by number" style because it was always hard to find good artists to work for free or very near it. So we finally achieved it with this set. It was late and Bruce and I had barely enough room to pass by each other at the warehouse as these flats were against the wall and storage items was just a few feet away. we both made a few comments about how bad it looked from this short distance and then I suddenly began to laff, so Bruce responded "What?". After I collected myself I said to him "Ok Teach, now that we have paint by number down, what next?"

Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" things, but Bruce burst out laughing and I followed and we laughed so hard tears rolled.

Needless to say the set did look horrible in the ballroom it was set up in the first week, But then they moved it out to a tent on the beach and that really did work quite well and it looked good.

As a side note, the "Scooter Mania" lettering sign on the front of the center pedistal I painted 3 times, as the first two vanished somewhere between Cocoa and Daytona, before it was even set up. So the third time I painted it right on the pedistal, where it couldn't be stolen.

Early Set work

Once upon a long time ago...
"Sleuth" at the Cocoa Village Playhouse

Fun Set in the early years to build, as things exploded and broke. and timing ebtween a theater pistol and greenware wasn't always perfect.

Early musical theater set work

Many years ago....
Jack Link & Assoc. with Performing Arts Association: "Man of LaMancha", Worked set construction, painting, tech., and acting. Show toured to Vero Beach after Cocoa Fla.

Other shows I worked on during those early years:
Performing Arts Center's - (Brevard County, Fla.): "King and I", "Carosell", "Godspell", and "South Pacific".
Erika Rappa Ballet's: "Sleeping Beauty". Reviews said it was better than off brodway. Wish I had set pictures.

Saturday, September 19, 2009