Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Does AT&T stand for?

Give up?

It doesn't stand for American Telephone and Telegraph anymore.

It stands for Absent Tech & Training

As a result of AT&T's  absolute lack of Technical knowledge and Training of its personal, my effort to move my service has been very exposing to me regarding the inability of AT&T to handle it's own phone service or any of its phone features. Further more I've heard from numerous individuals that it doesn't know how to install and get running the U-verse service it sells, and personally I know its own customer support personnel doesn't know how to use the very internet services it sells.

In short, I don't know what happened to AT&T in the breakup and re-merge, but its resulted in complete incompetence  across the board as there is no way that I could have communicated with so many real people who certainly know how to apologize but cannot actually accomplish anything.  Their automated system is more a scape goat for there incompetence than its is useful to the consumer.

For 11 days others were able to leave a voice mail for me that I could not access and will likely never know what all message were left for me those days.

During this time of my move I, being without a phone and AT&T inability to assist, decided to try a Magicjack.

Within 45 minutes of purchasing one I was up with a phone, voice mail and more. And though I had echo problems, I solved that. So now I have free local and US/Canada Long Distance (International with others who have a Magicjack or low rates) for a first year @ $42 and additional years for $19.95 or less per year. And its mobile to, as all I need is a reasonably fast internet connection where ever I am. Or so far it seems to work whether I'm at home or work. And will hopefully solve the going to Florida trips and AT&T go-phone re-activating problems/costs.

So I have AT&T dsl only and that's only because I have established email addresses that I need time to move incoming, before I save myself another $20 a month when I finally drop that for better and less expensive internet.


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