Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reverse Mortgage scam "Financial Freedom"

My mother had a reverse mortgage from Financial Freedom.
She died and I bought out my siblings share and payed off the reverse mortgage.
The bank "Riverside National Bank" provided me the loan to do this, however they overpaid the payoff amount.
Financial Freedom wrote a refund check for the overpayment amount but to "the estate of..." my mother.
There never was an account "the estate of..." as my sister (the executor of the estate) and mother set up a joint bank account for this eventual demise.
Financial Freedom provided enough info. for the bank to know exactly what the amount was, but they did not provide or request anything as to what to do with possible overpayment funds.

Since I had no prior dealings with FF and Riverside National is not associated to my mother in any way, the refund should have been made out to myself, and it was my address that FF sent the refund check to.

But I cannot cash it due to how it is written out and the amount is not large enough to go through the trouble getting my sister to set up an account just to cash it. The joint account was closed before I received the check. FF wrote the check out to an unverified account name.

FF first said they did it this way due HUD regulations but no one including HUD can tell me (document) what that regulation is.
FF then said its their policy, but I have asked for documentation on both HUD regulation and FF policy. But I'm not getting it.
FF persist with lying to me.

So I am paying interest to the bank Riverside National passed the loan off to, Bank of America, for an amount I do not get the benefit of.

This is really all very clear cut and FF has all the documentation they need to properly write the check out.

I consider this matter an act of intentional theft and interest abuse by Financial Freedom.

And if they have done this to me, how many others have they pulled this crap on?

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